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Public Notice


Consulate is in receipt of some complaints against Sunlight Yoga centre in Ho Chi Minh City (5, Thanh Thai St. W. 14, District 10) by Indian yoga teachers who have possibly been recruited through Facebook or other social media platforms to be employed as yoga teachers at yoga centres in Vietnam.  They have complained of harassment and non-payment of their dues by the centre.  Public in general is hereby informed to take note.


It is also mentioned that teaching Yoga as a gainful employment on tourist visa tantamount to violations of the law of the land.  All Indian nationals including yoga teachers are expected to register themselves with the Consulate and obtain required visa/work permit for employment in Vietnam. 


In case of exploitation of Indian national by an employer, non-payment of dues or the employer withholding the passport and keeping it in his custody, the same must be brought to the immediate attention of the Community Welfare Officer of the Consulate by e-mail: or on our emergency phone number 0917180776.


Consulate General of India

Ho Chi Minh City